"This is a Historical Record of the Old National Center for Adoption Law & Policy. Are you Looking for the Current Site?"

About Us


The National Center for Adoption Law and Policy (originally the Dave Thomas Center for Adoption Law & Policy) was founded at Capital University Law School in the fall of 1998 with generous seed funding from The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Mission Statement

The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy (NCALP) works to improve child welfare and adoption law, practices, and policies so that all children – especially those who have been abused or neglected or are dependent on the state for their care – can have healthy, safe, and stable homes. NCALP uses education, knowledge, leadership, and advocacy to further our mission, believing that children who live in safe and stable homes feel better about themselves, do better in school, receive better healthcare, and grow up to be better parents, workers, and citizens.

Our research efforts are aimed at identifying the means through which child protection, foster care and adoption systemns and processes can be improved. Center advocacy projects are aimed at bringing about these improvements through changes in the law and the way the law is implemented. Finally, our education programs are designed to assist judges, lawyers, government managers, social workers, families and other process stakeholders to know about strategies for making child welfare and adoption laws work in ways that will provide kids the stable families they deserve as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.


The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy
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